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Meet Cassandra Williams

Career Coach, Mentor, Educator, Speaker and highly qualified HR Business Professional 

I am an HR Professional with over 10 years of experience. I'm passionate about helping women to see their full potential in the workplace. My experience includes all areas of Human Resources Management, Career and Personal Development, Training, Organizational Leadership, Development and Communication. 

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"Cassandra is amazing at what she does. Her desire to help people reach their full potential shows through her involvement with several outlets including both her "Career Talk with Cassandra" and "Network Like a Boss" brands. She is an expert in personal and professional development and an excellent communicator. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her."

Janelle Douglas


“Cassandra was the first person to give me a chance in my HR career. Under her mentorship I have accomplished many goals and have grown significantly as a HR Professional. She has a true passion to help women of color succeed in the workplace by providing skills and training to those that are willing to learn.”

Felicia Jordan


“Working with Cassandra has truly been a life-changing experience. She gives great advice for anyone seeking to make positive career changes and to reach their overall life goals. Cassandra genuinely wants to see her clients reach their full potential.”

Shani Tejuoso

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